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The right furniture arrangement makes your living space comfy, cozy, and oh-so conducive to great conversation. Take a tip or two from these rooms to get your set-up in sync with your floor plan and your style of living.

Don't fence anyone in—no one wants to feel like they have to perform acrobatics by somehow managing to wriggle through your door while simultaneously avoiding a chunky chair or console table. 

Do welcome family and guests inside with a clear path from the front door into an inviting conversation zone. Also allow enough space to easily move between sofas and chairs. The standard suggestion is 30 inches of walk-through space between pieces of furniture. 

Bonus tip: While you don't want to clog your entry, it is smart to include an entry drop spot, like the airy x-base table in this room, tucked in a niche that doesn't block the swing of the door or traffic in and out of the room.

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