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Idris Shelving Unit-Dark Sheesham

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Handcrafted out of the finest sheesham wood, this rustic chic shelving unit is made extraordinary by its structural versatility. Built in a staggered fashion allowing the shelves of this unit to provide both storage space and room to display home décor, the beauty of this piece is found through its use of sustainable materials that illustrate its organic characteristics and natural wood grain patterns. Able to be styled upright like a bookshelf, on its side like a console table, or side-by-side with additional home furnishings, the uniqueness and raw beauty of this shelving unit is only outmatched by its ability to fulfill multiple roles and uses within the home.
Classic, hand-crafted design makes each piece unique
Staggered shelves provide plenty of storage or display space
Versatile unit is finished on all sides and can be placed upright, lying down or side-by-side with another piece
Naturally occurring sheesham wood characteristics and grain patterns
Eco-friendly solid wood materials sourced from sustainable plantations
Material: SOLID WOOD
Dimensions: 21.5 x 11.75 x 47.25